Naples and Bonita Springs get spectacular color printers that are networkable for all of your staff.  You’ll get the best in color printing with our commercial grade laser printers.  Get our Two-Hour Service Response for your office along with toner in our service contracts.  All laser printers are available under our easy leases or for purchase. Networkable Color Printers                                       We provide printers for Naples, Bonita Springs and all of Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast.  Printers are available under our leases, rentals and sales.  Prices are subject to change.  Call 239-939-5383 to confirm pricing of our laser printers.  Visit our Home Page at  FS-C5150DN Networkable Color Printer - 23ppm Kyocera’s FS-C5150DN prints beautiful color at up to 23 pages per minute.  Get the best in color quality for all of your office printing.  It has double-sided duplexing ability and can also print on heavier paper.  The FS-C5150DN networkable color laser printers are a popular choice and are available under our easy leases or purchase. Starts at $127/Month FS-C5250DN Networkable Color Printer - 28ppm FS-C5250DN printers have output speed at up to 28 pages per minute.  These durable printers are networkable for your whole office.  It’s long life components provide cost saving use over other color printers.  You can also get additional options for up to five paper sources for your various projects.  The FS-C5250DN color laser printers are available for sale or easy leasing. Starts at $142/Month FS-C5300DN Networkable Color Printer - 28ppm FS-C5300DN networkable color laser printers are machines designed to print at speeds up to 28 pages per minute.  You’ll get fantastic quality color from this system that’s built for heavy traffic use from multiple users without losing it’s color quality. Network your whole office for everyone to share it.  FS-C5300DN printers are offered for purchase or under our easy leases.  Starts at $157/Month FS-C5350DN Networkable Color Printer - 32ppm Kyocera’s FS-C5350DN color printers produces color documents at up to 32 pages per minute.  These advanced technology printers produce fast output while printing sharp and brilliant colored text and pictures.  It’s long life consumables will last longer than other printers which will save your business money.  The FS-C5350DN printers are available for easy leases or purchase. Starts at $167/Month FS-C5400DN Networkable Color Printer - 37ppm These laser printers from Kyocera provide the utmost in color quality with up to 37 pages per minute print speed.  Save your office time and money with it’s long life consumables and components, while getting the best, most colorful prints from high-performance color system.  You can share the FS-C5400DN with everyone in your office by networking it to everyone’s work station.  FS-C5400DN’s are offered for sale or under our easy leases. Starts at $187/Month Kyocera FS-C8500DN Networkable Color Printer - 50ppm FS-C8500DN color laser printers are the leader in high performance for color printing in your office.  This laser machine will deliver spectacular printing with an impressive speed of up to 50 pages per minute.  It has 1GB of memory and 160GB hard disk drive.  Choose finishing options with this high-performance color printer. FS-C8500 networkable laser printers are offered under our easy leases or purchase. Starts at $237/Month Call CopyLady at 239-939-5383 for Color Printers for your Office                           Visit our Home Page at